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25 Jun 2021


Keratin Hair Treatment Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Keratin Hair Treatment Guide: Everything You Need To Know

  Mac       25 Jun 2021    

Having a good hair day is a blessing in our lives. We cannot express happiness when our hair looks perfect. Can you imagine having frizz-free, silky, shiny hair all time? Yes, it is possible to have gorgeous-looking hair with a simple treatment called Keratin.

Keratin is a naturally occurring building block in our body. It makes a protective layer on our hair that makes the hair appear shinier. This protective layer might get destroyed due to over-styling or improper hair care routine. 

You can take the effective keratin hair treatment from a reliable salon. The process will chemically reduce the frizz in your hair and make it smooth and silky. It is an artificial way of adding protein to your damaged hair and making it smoother.

However, one can also take beauty services at home in Dubai by fixing an appointment and getting the treatment done comfortably at home.

How Long Does Keratin Hair Treatment Lasts?

Keratin treatment should be taken from the best salon. If one takes the proper care after the treatment, it may last up to 4-6 months. During the process, a chemical named formaldehyde will be released. The treatment is designed to penetrate into the hair follicles' porous area and make the hair appear silky, shiny, and frizz-free.

Keratin treatment is also known as Brazillian blowout, Kerasilk, and Cezanne.

How Does A Keratin Hair Treatment Work?

The hair cuticle layer is damaged, which is why it looks frizzy and damaged. After the treatment, the chemical will fill in the cuticle layer of your hair. Unlike other hair treatments, keratin will not permanently change the bond of the hair. It will temporarily make the hair silky and manageable. 

How Keratin Protects The Hair?

Keratin makes a barrier on the hair, which protects the hair from getting damaged by heat and humidity. If you are tired and pissed off by your curly and frizzy hair, keratin hair treatment is the best you can do.

Can Men Also Take This Treatment?

Men also face issues the same as women. If they also want frizzy-free lustrous hair, then men and women both can opt for keratin hair treatment.

Is Keratin Treatment Non-Toxic?

Keratin treatments are not permanent hair solutions so with time it gets washed out. They are not like the permanent straightening options that can cause severe hair damage. It is like a protein treatment that you can give to your hair which gets washed out after a few months.

Can It Be Done At Home?

Beauty services can be done at home, but it is not advised to do so, especially if you are doing a chemical-based treatment. The experts in a professional salon are trained and know-how and what needs to be done. If you are not equipped and don’t know, it might make your experience awful by not giving desired results. 

After Care

Keratin treatment can exist for a longer time when a proper hair care routine is followed. If you are taking the treatment for the first time, here are some points that you must remember.

1. No Water For Few Days

The experts advise staying away from water for at least two days after the treatment. This helps in settling down the chemical well. You should even avoid sweating so that no moisture gets into the hair.

2. Use Products Recommended By Salon

Your regular hair care products won’t be of any use after the treatment. Purchase and use the products that your hairstylist recommended, as this will make the treatment last longer.

3. Avoid Hair Styling 

Let the treatment settle down on your hair, so it is recommended not to use any styling products for some days.

Concluding Thoughts: 

Make your hair frizz-free and stunning with the keratin hair treatment. To get the best salon services and a professional experience, choose Sweet Violet Spa.

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    12 Aug 2021

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    29 Jun 2021

    Amazing guide on keratin hair treatment!! It covers all the major points.

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