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Waxing & Threading Services

Finding the right place for waxing and threading is like finding a needle in a haystack. It would be best if you had a place that gives you extreme comfort and lasting results. In that context, lately, Brazilian wax has become the preference of many girls. It is slightly different from traditional bikini wax as all the hair is removed from the front, back, and between the inner pubic areas. It has come into vogue because of the comfort, experience, and finish. Nothing annoys a woman more than having that one unwanted hair instead of a sleek, smooth finish. Gone are the days of your annoyance. Get a full-body waxing with our fruit wax and experience the smoothness to remove that unwanted hair.

Services Time Price AED
Eyebrow Shaping / Waxing / Threading 15 Minutes 40
Upper Lip / Chin Waxing / Threading 10 Minutes 25
Half Face Threading / Waxing 15-25 Minutes 90/75
Full Face Threading / Waxing 25-35 Minutes 150/100
Half Arms Waxing 15 Minutes 45
Full Arms Waxing 25 Minutes 65
Under Arms Waxing 10 Minutes 40
Half Arms & Under Arms Waxing 25 Minutes 75
Full Arms & Under Arms Waxing 30 Minutes 90
Half Legs Waxing 20 Minutes 70
Full Legs Waxing 30 Minutes 100
Bikini Line Waxing 15 Minutes 75
Full Bikini / Brazilian Waxing 30 Minutes 150
Half Legs & Bikini Line Waxing 30 Minutes 120
Full Legs & Bikini Line Waxing 45 Minutes 150
Stomach / Back Waxing 20 Minutes 70
Full Body waxing with Full Bikini 75 Minutes 350
Service charge (50 - 200) applicable depending on client location.
Cancellation charge is AED 250/- & cancellation is accepted before 4 hours minimum.
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