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25 Oct 2021


Keratin Hair Treatment - The Ultimate Solution To Frizzy And Dull Hair

Keratin Hair Treatment - The Ultimate Solution To Frizzy And Dull Hair

  Mac       25 Oct 2021    

If how you look matters a lot to you, then how your hair looks must also be one of the dearest things to you. But with the upsurge in the level of pollution, irregular work schedule, unhealthy diet and disturbed daily routine, not giving you proper sleep, your hair might be suffering more than you know and much more than it shows. Eventually, making the hair frizzier and paler with time. Though there are many natural home-based remedies, the one known to work the finest is keratin hair treatment  

Keratin Hair treatment is growing popular among people seeking a solution for dry, rough and frizz-free hair. Both men and women prefer it, and it makes a significant difference to the hair's health. Therefore, in salons providing other hair regimen combined with a keratin treatment, there has been a rise in demand for home salon services in Dubai

So if you too are worried that your hair is dull, frizzy, lacking Lustre and growth, then intensive care is essential, for which the keratin treatment works best, and we will tell you why - 

Damage Repair 

Keratin treatment nourishes the hair cells of the strands, making them look healthier from within. This also binds the hair back, curing breakage and split ends. 

Adding Lustre 

If your hair is growing pale, lacks Lustre and shine, then keratin treatment is perfect for you. It treats the dullness of the hair, providing vital care from root to tip, leaving hair soft and shiny.

Ceases hair fall 

This treatment replenishes hair with all the lost nutrients, improving hair strength and making it more robust and not prone to breakage. 

Reduces dandruff and flaky scalp

It all starts with protecting hair from further damage. Keratin protein builds a protective layer around the hair, reducing unhealthy foliage and enhancing scalp health substantially. Hence, reducing flakiness, dandruff, itching and eventually hair fall.

Long-lasting effects  

The treatment is a process because it nourishes hair intensively, leaving it strong, conditioned and repaired. This further ensures that the effect remains for a long time unless you wash and colour your hair too frequently. 

Manageable hair 

When your hair becomes frizz-free and isn't dull anymore, it doesn't tangle a lot, thus becoming more manageable and more accessible to style. Keratin treatment ensures that your hair remains detangled and soft so you can feel every strand of your hair becoming better.

Adds volume

With time and scarce caring, the cuticles, or the hair shaft's outermost layer, become malnourished and underfed of nutrients. But once the treatment is done, keratin fills those crevices and gets absorbed by the hair cuticles, making it look fuller and thicker. Thus making hair look voluminous and supple. 

Hair growth

The treatment meets all the prerequisites for healthy hair growth, replenishing it with its natural oils and nutrients, controlling and repairing damage to the hair from root to tip, improving scalp health, and making dull hair supple and frizz-free. Therefore after a keratin treatment, your hair is bound to grow robust, shiny and with natural texture.   

Now that you know the absolute solution for dull and frizz-free hair, you need not wait any longer. We at Sweet Violet promise to deliver the best hair care and salon experience in your comfort. Our team has expertise in keratin treatment, inclusive of other pre-conditioned hair care needs too.   

So what are you waiting for? Get a wholesome salon experience right at your doorstep with Sweet Violet today.

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  • Nazia

    25 Oct 2021

    Keratin Treatment is best for dull hair. Great blog!!

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