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22 Feb 2021


What Should You Expect From Your First Foot Reflexology Session?

What Should You Expect From Your First Foot Reflexology Session?

  Mac       22 Feb 2021    

Our body craves a satisfying massage that relaxes every cell, tissue, and muscle of our body. Body pampering can be done in different ways. Some choose calmness with a hot water bath, and some go for facials, while many prefer the ancient healing therapy called reflexology.

In reflexology, different points of hands and feet are pressed to create a reflex response that will promote healing of the body. Healing is needed to repair the damaged tissues, and relax the tensed nerves.

The most common form of reflexology is foot reflexology. During the process, the foot trigger areas are pressed to stimulate a corresponding response to the organs, healing the organs.

How Does Reflexology Work?

Reflexology works on the idea that our organs and glands are reflected in various parts of feet, hands, and ears. Applying an amount of pressure on these points can help in treating anxiety and pain. It promotes blood circulation and relaxes the body. You can stay at home and take this beneficial service through the salon.

What Is Reflexology Good For?

Reflexology has been proven effective in treating stress; however, it cannot be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Positive results are observed in treated digestion, pain, insomnia, and infertility with reflexology.

Beginning to End, How Will Be The Experience?

Medical History:
Before starting the healing procedure, the first thing you will be asked about is your medical history. This will help the practitioner to give desired healing, knowing the purpose of your treatment.

A Relaxing Position:
You will then be requested to either sit or lay down and relax. The client would be fully dressed, only the feet and lower leg area will not be covered.

Sanitization Before Beginning:
Before the practitioner begins healing, your feet will be sanitized. Then all the healing points of one of your bodies will be activated and given the healing. The second part of the body will also undergo the same process.
  If the practitioner observes any tightness or pain during the process, they might increase the pressure for effective healing.

After Treatment Experience:
Every person's body is different, and they will react differently after reflexology. Some might experience lightheadedness, relaxed while some might feel exhausted, thirsty, and coughing. There are many benefits of reflexology noted, and hence you must give it a try to get rid of your health problems.

Is Reflexology The Same As A Foot Massage?

The two services might look the same but are very different from each other. A foot massage is a way of relaxing your feet' tissues and muscles randomly. Whereas in foot reflexology, the pressure points are intended, and a generous amount of pressure is put on them to give healing.

How Often Should You Take This Treatment?

The practitioner is an ideal person to tell you how many sessions you should take depending upon your health issues.

Points To Remember:-

(a) Do not immediately go for reflexology after having food. Wait for at least an hour.

(b) Pregnant ladies should not receive reflexology.

(c) Drink enough water after the process to flush out toxins and build-up of lactic acid.

Concluding Thoughts

There are some ailments that can be treated without medication. If you are stressed or struggling with insomnia and indigestion, you can consult a reflexology practitioner and proceed with the treatment if she advises. It is a relaxing therapy that will help in relieving pain in the body.

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  • Nusrat Jahan

    14 Apr 2022

    I am delighted with my first-foot reflexology session. I didn't expect too much for the first session, but it was awesome. I feel very relaxed after my first session.

  • Ayesha Azmat

    03 Mar 2021

    Foot reflexology works better for anxiety.

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