23 Feb 2021


Ways To Keep Keratin Treated Hair Healthy and Shiny

  Mac       23 Feb 2021    

Ways To Keep Keratin Treated Hair Healthy and Shiny

Wavy, dry, tangled hair makes us look like a mess, and caring for them is not easy. Therefore, a keratin treatment is an effective treatment that makes hair lustrous, healthy, silky, and smooth. Running your finger down your soft and silky hair is a different level of satisfaction.

Keratin is not a long-term process, and its effect will start getting over after a few months of treatment. You cannot sit back and relax after keratin as you will have to care for your hair even now.  

To make keratin's effects last longer on your hair, you should follow the tips to maximize the benefits. Learn some tips on how to take care of keratin-treated hair at home and make sure you never fail to follow them.

(1) Avoid Hair Washing or Tying

Keratin hair treatment
requires 24-48 hours to settle down and get completely absorbed in your hair. If you have come back from the salon and are thinking of tying your hair or washing them, your treatment would go to waste. During the first 12 hours of the treatment, keratin is malleable, and the treatment can be ruined due to washing or tying.

(2) Avoid Excessive Exposure to water

Once you are done with the treatment and you indulge yourself in activities such as swimming or heavy workouts, the chances are that your keratin treatment won't last long. The water and sweat will soak the water, making it dry. To prevent your hair from getting dry, you can apply leave-in conditioners.  

(3) Avoid Chemical Hair Services For 3 Weeks

Our hair's natural pH is 4.5-5.5 but undergoing a chemical treatment increases the natural hair pH level. Going for a chemical treatment immediately after keratin treatment can damage your hair resulting in premature greying, dullness, and excessive hair breakage.  

(4) Make a balance between moisture and protein in your hair

Once you take keratin treatment, the natural moisture in hair and protein may get lost or get out of sync, disturbing the quality of your hair. It becomes necessary to care for hair even more by applying conditioners that moisturize the hair and prevents them from getting brittle. If you wanted a solution regarding how to stop hair fall after a keratin treatment, this point is the answer.

(5) Use Hair Protectant

To keep the hair frizz-free, your salon exp[ert might advise you to keep using a hairdryer on damp hair. Excessive hot hair can damage the hair, so applying a hair protectant is very important. After keratin treatment, hair might look silky, shiny, and more manageable, but some rituals come as a routine after this treatment.

(6) Use Prescribed Hair Products

You hair experts know things better, and you should obey what they say. Many people make the common mistake of not using shampoo and conditioners prescribed by salons. After keratin, the hair structure changes, so you need keratin treatment aftercare shampoo to keep hair healthy and safe from any side effects.

Additional Useful Tips You Must Not Skip:-

(a) Use a silk pillow:
Silk will reduce the friction preventing hair from getting tangled and breaking eventually.

(b) Keep A Dry Shampoo For The Quick Fix:
Avoid washing your hair regularly and use a dry shampoo instead to fix your hair quickly. This will keep the keratin effect last longer.

(c) Choose Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner
: Choose a mild cleansing shampoo and conditioner with no sulfate. Using harsh shampoos will make the treatment fade away faster.

Concluding Thoughts

Accept the fact your hair is not the same after keratin hair treatment. They need special care and attention and should give them to keep the effect for long. Keratin hair treatment might cost a lot, so making that money worth it, you should follow tips so that the treatment turns out to be good and stays for a longer time. After following these tips, you will find noticeable results, and your treatment will last longer than you expected.

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