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15 Dec 2020


Things To Expect From Your First Keratin Hair Treatment

Things To Expect From Your First Keratin Hair Treatment

  Mac       15 Dec 2020    

Keratin hair treatment is raising hype amongst the youth for smoother, shinier, and softer hair. There is an excellent demand for Keratin treatment as the pollution, stressful work life, tiring errands make your hairs dull, thin, and gray. Let's dive into the few most important topics like  

  1. What is a keratin hair treatment?
  2. How long does it take?
  3. Keratin treatment process
  4. What to expect during the treatment?
  5. Where to get the keratin hair treatment?

So if you are a first-timer to a keratin treatment, then we understand there is a lot of dilemma of what you are getting into, and also it's a question about your hairs, which you obviously don't want to risk! Here is an answer to all your questions.  

What is
Keratin Hair Treatment?

A keratin treatment is beauty or cosmetic product done to straighten hair. It is often called a Brazilian blowout or Brazilian keratin therapy. Right keratin treatment gives you frizz-free and straight hairs. It's not a typical rebonding treatment, but you can expect great results without a doubt if you get it from a professional. Ensure you make time from your busy schedule because keratin therapy demands time.  

How long does it take?

About 2 hours. Period. It typically depends on the beautician who treats your hair because some beauticians will indulge more time in a given process than others. But 2 hours is a decent timeframe in which a keratin treatment gets over.  

The process goes like this:

1) Shampoo to remove dirt and products

2) Blow Dry hair ( based on the damage in your hair, some beauticians may advise you to skip this step)

3) Keratin treatment product application and let it work for 15 minutes

4) Blow Dry keratin treatment on hair

5) Flat iron hair

6) Rinse hair for product removal

7) Apply keratin sealing serum

8) Blow Dry if needed by you  

The process seems pretty straightforward and relaxing, and a skilled therapist doing the job is a perfect thing to get. However, there may be times during the entire process, when you may feel a little insecure about getting your hair damaged.  

Here is what to expect during the keratin hair treatment:-

(1) You may experience fumes emission during the flat-ironing:  

Based on the type of keratin treatment employed, you may find fumes discharging during the flat ironing process. These fumes may comprise low formaldehyde levels(newer keratin methods already have this concentration dwindled to the least to protect your hair.)          

(2) Your hair will look too straight following flat-ironing

Promptly after flat ironing, you might get scared looking at yourself with that perfectly straight hair, just like a doll's artificial hair. However, it is only for those few minutes, wash it off afterward at home, and it will all be usual and silky smooth straight giving it a natural look.   

(3) The Anti-Frizz Effect Fades Over Time:

Keratin Treatment operates by fastening a layer of Keratin over your hair via warmth (through flat ironing). So, since it is an additional layer on your natural hairs, it will start fading and washing off with each wash and styling process. If you don't sustain your hair with keratin shampoo to refresh the Keratin, 1 month is the high time that anti-frizz treatment may last. Use proper home care, and you can keep it for as long as 6 months!  

Where to get the best keratin hair treatment in Dubai?

Now that you are aware of what to expect and what goes on throughout the keratin hair treatment process, the question arises: where to get it done? Salons? Too old-fashioned! Especially if you are in a fast-paced, busy city like Dubai, you shouldn't miss the perks of availing yourself of the home salon services in Dubai, saving your time, and providing you the best services right at the comfort of your home.

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  • Nazia Khan

    24 Feb 2022

    Many people have high expectations from first hair treatment. But, unfortunately, all the things mentioned here are correct.

  • Haifa Bagunu

    27 May 2021

    Keratin hair treatment is the best choice for improving dull hairs.

  • Samia Ostadi

    29 Apr 2021

    Keratin treatment is very important step for beautiful hairs.

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