Superbly Manicured Hands - Holding Beauty In The Palm Of Your Hands!

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10 Nov 2018


Superbly Manicured Hands - Holding Beauty In The Palm Of Your Hands!

Superbly Manicured Hands - Holding Beauty In The Palm Of Your Hands!

  Customer Service       10 Nov 2018    

In this busy world, we often overlook the special role and importance of hands in our lives. They not only help us do the essential everyday chores, but beautiful hands are also responsible for adding beauty in overall looks.

So, let us now understand what really makes our hands so special? They hold an incredible sum of exceptional memories from our lives. When you can soothe, comfort and express your love with just the touch of your hand, it is crucial we return the favour and take good care of them! Apart from this, beautifully manicured hands can instantly add grace and sophistication to your persona.

But the major concern is that how to achieve pretty hands with soft skin and well-polished nails?  Pampering your hands and nails has now become easier with at-home beauty services by best professionals available all over Dubai. With a plethora of manicure options available today, this session enhances the beauty of nails by strengthening, cleaning and fixing dry, tired and worn-out nails. Here is the list of some common and most effective type of manicures -

Regular Manicure - This is a regular and the most common type of professional manicure. It involves soaking of hand in mild soap to remove dirt. After this, hand cream is then massaged on hands and nails and the process is completed by cutting and shaping the nails properly.

Gel Manicure - If you want to give the best look to your hands, go for a professional Gelish manicure session. This is by far the best type of manicure giving long-lasting results. Firstly, a dehydrator on the nail is applied, followed by a coat of primer gel and about three coats of coloured nail polish. Each coat of gel is set with a time of one to three minutes under a UV lamp. 

Wax Manicure - This kind of manicure is best known for its stress-busting qualities. This session involves soaking of hands and nails in lukewarm water and then wrapped in a fresh towel. After which wax is then applied and allowed to remain on the skin and is peeled after few minutes. 

Our hands say a lot about our personality. Therefore treat your hands to a little extra gentle loving care with a special pampering session designed just for them. Enjoy this special beauty treatment created to rejuvenate and restore tired looking hands and giving them a new lease of life!

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