08 Aug 2019


Know About the Secrets to Have Healthy Nails

  Mac       08 Aug 2019    

Know About the Secrets to Have Healthy Nails

Our nails are an indicator of our health. Same as other living tissues of the body, fingernails also rely on nutrient supply that keeps them healthy and strong. Our nails are primarily made of a protein named Keratin which is found in the hair too. Since the nails are composed of Keratin it is necessary to include adequate protein in the diet to support the health of your nails.

Regular care results in healthy nails and adds extra stars to your personality. But maintaining healthy nails that look beautiful & fashionable doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Below are some quick & effective tips to help you get strong nails.

1. Try Biotin –
If you are following a healthy diet regime, there is absolutely no need for dietary supplements to gain strong nails. But for people who have weak nails, Biotin is a good option for them. Biotin is extremely beneficial for strengthening & growing the nails.

2. Wear Nail Polish
– It is a common belief that wearing nail polish every time makes our nail weak. But in actual wearing nail polish isn't going to harm your healthy nails, although a periodic break from nail polish is needed for good nail health.

3. Regular Manicure –
As a part of nail care routine, regular manicure holds a key place. Trimming nails regularly and moisturizing the cuticles helps in maintaining the cleanliness of nails and avoids snagging & breaking too. Gelish manicure is highly popular these days. Women who are looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish option for their nails, taking a Gelish manicure from a professional home salon in Dubai is worth going for.

Gelish manicure by home salon experts starts with basic steps like nail trimming, cleaning, buffing, pushing the cuticles back, and application of base coat. After each coat application of gel polish, fingers are exposed to UV light making it more durable as when compared to any other. This kind of manicure is thus the best option to maintain that “wow” look for long.

4. Take Infections Seriously –
If you ever see any signs of infection, it is necessary to check in with your doctor. Missing the early signs of bacterial infection like redness, swelling and pain can lead to serious nail fungal infection. Thereby, it is advised to get proper medical attention when your healthy nails are at risk.

Your nails reveal clues about how healthy you are. Nail trends keep on changing every this and then. Choose the nail care routine that suits your personal preference and maintain healthy & wow looking nails every time you want!    

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