Keratin Treatment Vs Rebonding – What is Better for Hair Smoothening

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27 Nov 2019


Keratin Treatment Vs Rebonding - What is Better for Hair Smoothening

Keratin Treatment Vs Rebonding - What is Better for Hair Smoothening

  Mac       27 Nov 2019    

At first instance, both treatments produce same results– silky, straight hair that’s easily manageable. Both require using heat during the process either from a hair dryer or a flat iron to achieve sleek, flowing locks. However they are not same despite appearing similar. Here’s a note of key differences to choose which one is more suitable for you.

What is the difference between Keratin treatment & rebonding?
Our focus point mainly would be the difference between Keratin treatment and rebonding. It’s a known fact that home beauty services as well as salons in Dubai might use various process and products for getting same result, some with better quality than others. Keep in mind, you can anytime inquire your stylist to know more about the products they are using if you want!   

Rebonding is a good choice in Dubai as hot weather conditions often cause hair to become more frizzy and hard to manage. So what does it encompass? In brief, rebonding is changing the structural bonds of the hair without changing the original hair structure at the internal level in comparison to Keratin hair treatment.

In specific, the hair structure is chemically broken down to form new bonds – hair shaft is altered and rearranged completely. However in Keratin treatment, hair bonds remain same and only the outer layer (i.e. cuticle) is changed by infusion of nutrients into hair shafts for strengthening current bonds. In pre-treatment stage, cuticle is ‘lifted up’ by removing surface buildup for allowing the treatment to absolutely penetrate the hair. Separate layers of Keratin are added in each hair shaft for penetrating hair cuticle and strengthening keratin bonds from inside. This also helps in damage repairs and hair smoothening hair shaft sat same time. However, hair structure remains the same.

Which treatment lasts longer?
As Keratin treatment only involves outer layer, its belonging start to fade after certain time interval. The straightened hair will soon start revealing the natural waves or curls. The lasting duration of Keratin treatment is dependent on both hair type as well as product quality. Whereas, Rebonding lasts longer and some changes may appear if there is fast hair regrowth, leading roots to become longer than rebonded portions. Also the hair always remain straight, as the structure been permanently altered. The decision to choose mostly dependent on your hair texture, and pricing concerns.

We’ll advise to seek an expert’s opinion before choosing anyone, since the hair texture and needs are unique with everyone! Once you get answer for every question, chances of making good decision increases. You can also reach us for a consultation or specialized home salon service in Dubai any time! 

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