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20 Aug 2021


Keratin Hair Treatment - Pros & Cons

Keratin Hair Treatment - Pros & Cons

  Mac       20 Aug 2021    

A keratin treatment is an excellent chemical hair procedure that can make your hair look straighter for as long as 6 months; it also adds a glossy shine, making your hair shine and reducing frizz. First, your hair gets washed, and then the treatment starts with the stylist working on your wet hair and letting it sit for half an hour or so; although, some hairstylists prefer treating your dry hair. The process can take several hours.  

Everyone is unsure about new treatments on their bodies, so here are a few pros and cons of keratin hair treatment.

Here are some benefits of keratin treatment:-

Don't worry; keratin is a natural protein; your nails are made up of it! But the keratin used in these treatments is made up of wool, horns, or feathers; seeing this fact, a keratin treatment can be beneficial in some of the below-mentioned ways.

Smoothness & Shine 

The hair cells that form the strands are smoothened by the keratin treatment; this makes the dry, frizzy hair look healthier. It also heals the split ends by bonding the hair back together. 

Makes Hair Manageable

Keratin treatments help in managing your hair better, especially if your hair is particularly thick; for example, you might have noticed that your hair take a lot of time to dry up after a shower, this problem no longer exists after a keratin treatment, your drying time almost gets cut in half after a keratin treatment.

Hair Growth 

Since your hair stops breaking very often, it seems as if your hair is growing at a fast rate, but it only happens because your hair does not break as it used to. 

Long-Lasting Result 

Unlike other treatments, keratin hair treatments have lasting results for around half a year if you do not wash your hair too often.   

Potential Risks:-

(1) Formaldehyde 

Some of the keratin hair treatments use formaldehyde, which is used to make the hair look straighter. Although it does its work, it can be dangerous for your brain if inhaled.

(2) Cost 

Due to the quality and the time for which the treatment lasts, a keratin treatment can be expensive and can cost around 800 to 1000 AED. There are treatment methods for home, too, but they are not as effective as the salon ones, 

Hard To Maintain 

It does sound contrary to what we said earlier, but the reason is entirely different. Although a keratin treatment makes your hair easier to manage, it can be difficult for people who often like to wash their hair. Therefore, once you get a keratin treatment, it is advised not to get your hair wet often.   

For example, suppose you are an ace swimmer and swim often. In that case, the chlorinated water can make your keratin treatment wear off and shorten its effect.  You will also have to look for shampoos and conditioners which are sodium chloride and sulfate-free so that your treatment doesn't get shot.  

Also, you are strongly advised to not wash your hair for three to four days after getting the treatment done. This can get hectic for people who do not like to not wash their hair almost every other day.  

In conclusion, a keratin treatment is excellent if you want to get your hair firmer and smoother. Still, at the same time, it can get complicated for some people to take care of. This problem can be solved if you are looking forward to getting a keratin hair treatment anyways. There are various home salon services in Dubai that can guide you through the entire process in detail, and then you can decide for yourself.

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