31 Jan 2022


How To Do A Deep Cleansing Facial Yourself?

  Mac       31 Jan 2022    

How To Do A Deep Cleansing Facial Yourself?

Be it the cold jittery winters or piping hot summer noon’s, a good cleansing facial always does the trick to make skin look brighter, healthier, and fresh. However, there is this myth that it can only be done in a spa. That is not true.  With the busy upscale life which keeps one on their toes all the time, it is so hard to fetch time for yourself to book an appointment in the salon and dedicate a significant chunk of your time off work. Therefore, many people have started opting for Beauty Services At Home in Dubai or taking matters into their own hands and doing the thing themselves. Therefore, it only calls for people to know how to give themselves the perfect deep cleansing facial.  You need are the right skincare products and the proper way of the routine, and you are good to go!  Let us start with some obvious questions first.

Why must you have a deep cleansing facial? 

Many people ponder what facial does to your skin, and if one cannot make time for it, does it make any difference? The answer to that question is yes since, over time, dead skins cells, oils, and other impurities build up on your skin, making your skin and complexion look dull. To ensure that it does not happen, you must give yourself a deep cleansing facial. In each step, it breaks down the oil and impurities build-up and leaves your skin clean and healthy. You can understand this similar to the role of a clarifying shampoo.

Guide to do a deep cleansing facial at home:-

Step 1: Double cleansing your skin

You should always go for a cleansing session first, regardless of which kind of facial you wish to go for. Removing the dirt, excess oil, pollutants, and germs from your skin is essential to achieve that fresh feel. However, one single cleansing session will not make it. You will have to level up the routine with double-cleansing. In this routine, one has to use a no-rinse cleanser and a rinse-off cleanser for a deeper clean, and balanced feel. For this purpose, we recommend the L’Oreal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof for all skin types. It is specifically designed to lift and remove dirt, oil, greasy pollutants, and makeup from the skin without any rinsing. Just take an ample amount on a cotton ball or pad and wipe the face thoroughly. Next in line is your rinse-off Cleanser, for which we suggest using the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Detox and Brighten Cleanser, which contains three pure clays and charcoal. The clay-to-mousse formulation purifies the skin, leaving it looking revitalized and an organic glow. For applying, squeeze an ample amount on your palm and add some water to get a fine consistency. Now gently massage it onto your face in circular motions, then rinse and pat dry with a cotton towel. 

Step 2: Exfoliation 

Now that we are done with cleansing, it is time for the next step, and that is to exfoliate. Exfoliating helps your skin shed dead skin cells and reduce excess oil that may build up on the skin’s epidermis. The best way to deal with that is face scrub. We suggest using a scrub that has a lot of minerals, oils, and shea butter so that while it scrubs off dirt and oil, it also offers your skin nourishment rather than leaving it dry and exposed. 

Step 3: Wear a mask

Besides profoundly cleansing the skin, face masks also offer your skin that little extra love and care needed. You can choose from many options like seaweed-based or aloe-vera-based, among many more. 

Step 4: Hydration

Before a moisturizer, use a face mist. It goes a long way in giving instant hydration and just the pump your skin needs. You can use coconut water or lime juice for the same. 

Step 5: The face serum 

Postface mist, come the face serum because you want to apply things from the thinnest to the thickest. This deals with your skincare concerns and pumps the skin, retaining all moisture and more youthful-looking skin. 

Step 6: Hydrating the skin

Last but not least comes the moisturizer. It locks the hydration and gives the skin a supple and smooth finish. They do boon to dehydrated skin, which improves radiance.

How often should one do deep cleansing? 

The effects of a deep cleaning facial last up to four to six weeks, but it also depends on your skin; hence you must observe what works the best for you.  Thus, for a healthy and satisfactory deep cleansing facial in Dubai, follow our above-mentioned simple hacks and enjoy vibrant skin.

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