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24 Sep 2021


The Do's And Don'ts After A Deep Cleansing Facial

The Do's And Don'ts After A Deep Cleansing Facial

  Mac       24 Sep 2021    

"Great skin doesn't happen by chance; It happens by appointment".  

You don't have time to step out and get your work done. Want to lie around the home but have a parlour appointment to attend to? Well, it is all now sorted.  None other place is better and safe like our home. We are most relaxed and at ease in our home. While the outdoors requires you to be wary of yourself and the people around you, our homes offer us the comfort we need to get wind down and relax!   

At-home salon services offer you all the amenities you would get in a professional setting, from the very peace of your place!   

At-home salon services help you skip the hustle-bustle of a busy salon to personalize your service experience at home! You can talk to a friend freely, switch on your favorite lights, or put on your playlist salon services at home give you the freedom of indulging in personal care the way you like.  

The opportunity for on-demand home salon services in Dubai is vast, but effectively tapping it requires far greater organization on the supply side via an integrated, full-stack services approach to build customer demand and loyalty. 

On-demand home services have seen a visible surge over the past few years, led mainly by increasing urbanization and disposable incomes, the rise of the nuclear family, growing demand for various services and convenience and lack of time.   

Post-COVID, the demand equation could prove even more lucrative. Not just a convenient session in the comfort of your home, but you can also sit back and enjoy their services in the confines of your office.    The home salon services at Dubai come down to your home/office and transform it into a mini spa and salon to provide you with the best-in-class beauty experience. Both men and women can avail of these services.  

The well-trained professionals handle guests and offer services like any other spa and salon as per the wide variety of their charted menu. The beauty specialists are always ready to give you the best home salon service in Dubai to dazzle you while you sit back and relax. The services provide a luxurious and high-quality service that means you will keep booking.   

Let's now have a look at some Do's and Don'ts that are a must to consider while treating your skin to the proper post-facial care -  


1) Apply Sunscreen

Avoid going out in the sun for some time. After the facial treatment. In case, One needs to go out in the sun, it might be beneficial to wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30   

2) Keeping Your Face Contaminant Free

Avoid touching your face with your hands every time. This helps in protecting the skin from contaminants.

3) Diligently Follow the Instructions

After the facial Session, The professional will hand over a list to follow. One needs to follow the instructions diligently to attain the best results for the service.  


1) Limit the Usage of Face Wash

Remember that your skin becomes ultrasensitive after a deep cleansing facial in Dubai, so you'll want to go easy on it. Thus, it is always good to opt for gentle, hydrating cleansers as the serums and physical manipulation of the skin can disrupt the skin barrier.

2) Avoid Going Out Of Sun

Because your skin has just been exfoliated, it is more sensitive to the sun's harmful rays. However, after some days, the skin will react less negatively to the sun.  

3) Stay Away from Toner

It is recommended to apply toners to the skin for a day or two after a facial, especially if they are alcohol-based or contain exfoliating or astringent ingredients.  

The one thing that influences us the most is the sheer ease with which one could indulge in these comforting salon services, not worrying about returning home or figuring out an answer to how to escape the rush on roads. So, when you are tackling numerous tasks, and don't find time for a pampering session, book an appointment with us, and we'll offer you an excellent beauty session as you have ever imagined.

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  • Nazia Khan

    27 Sep 2021

    Nice blog on deep cleansing facial. I also read old blogs earlier & they are also well written. Keep going!!

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