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11 Jun 2019


Foot Reflexology Treatment Offers Amazing Benefits for Runners to Pamper Their Feet

Foot Reflexology Treatment Offers Amazing Benefits for Runners to Pamper Their Feet

  Mac       11 Jun 2019    

Everyone must have heard that running is a great exercise and is a beneficial option to burn excess calories and even improves your cardiovascular health.Deep down in heart, we all readily acknowledge that running has its obvious perks but we may not consider the possibility that running has its own drawbacks. 

Running is not only an intensive cardiovascular workout but also involves other systems in the body, such as circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, muscular and lymphatic and does come with some drawbacks such as muscle tightness and pain. Whether you’re a dedicated marathon runner or someone who only has time for a short jog at the weekend, you should know right off that taking foot reflexology treatment from experts can be beneficial to you after running.

This holistic approach stimulates the body's own natural healing abilities and addresses imbalances throughout the whole body. This treatment help runners improve and stay injury-free! Here are some great reasons why reflexology proves to be the best natural way of healing –

Lymphatic Drainage 

During running, Lactic acid builds up in the legs and is the main reason for causing muscle cramps. Foot reflexology removes lactic acid from the legs four times faster than a regular massage thereby reduces the possibility of muscle cramps.

Reduces Inflammation 

When you get foot reflexology treatment by professionals it stimulates the adrenal reflexes on each foot, which in turn, encourages the body to release the hormone cortisol which has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that help in reducing swelling and inflammation from injuries.

Deep Relaxation 

Many salons are now offering the best home massage services in Dubai that reduce the level of stress hormones and help the body to recover physically, emotionally, and mentally. While running, our body triggers the production of adrenaline allowing us to push ourselves. Foot reflexology massage thereby relieves the body from this tension and promotes healing.

Boosts immune system

Foot reflexology session when carried out in a proper manner stimulates the lymphatic system and helps in fighting infections. It helps in removing toxins and increases our immune system's effectiveness. 

Soothes Away from the Tension in Feet 

Our feet are exposed to a higher amount of pressure when compared to other parts of the body and the force exerted on the feet while running is equivalent of up to 10 times our body weight. Taking a foot reflexology treatment by experts is, therefore, a good way to nurture the feet making them feel refreshed and ready for that next challenge!    

Healing is important after a run, no matter how much distance you have covered. A foot reflexology session is a convenient option to make you relax and let go of all the tensions that your body feels. So, don’t wait anymore, try foot reflexology today and experience one-of-a-kind relaxation that will make you feel active & energized.

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  • Marvi Servania

    29 Apr 2021

    Refloxology treatment is very calm treatment and I like it.

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    20 Nov 2020

    Helpful article thanks for sharing

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