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17 Dec 2019


Essentials You Need To Know Before Getting A Gelish Manicure!

Essentials You Need To Know Before Getting A Gelish Manicure!

  Mac       17 Dec 2019    

If you often ask yourself this question, "how do I keep my nail tint last longer?" You have either been living in a cave or unaware of the new vogue. We know that painting nails have become more of a medium to express oneself than just a fashion statement. Furthermore, it has lately become gender-inclusive than being feminine exclusive. Therefore, whether you want to go gothic, chic, classic, or glam, painting your nails right and keeping that tint for a more extended period against your mundane lifestyle is your topmost priority. All your wishes for a long-lasting, lustrous nail paint have been granted. Gelish manicure has become one of the most sensational products on your nails. The forthcoming nail polish was considered to have "longer" lasting effects and a "shiny appearance."

Simply doing the mundane daily instrumental chores attacks the longevity of your manicured nails. Well, you need not worry about that one. Gelish Manicures have made massive raves and have been in buzz in the fashion town ever since they hit the beauty and lifestyle market for tackling this fix.

Women love it, especially those juggling office work and household chores most. The reason is that it is quick and as durable as "car paint”. Yes, no exaggeration here! Many women have opined that they love Gelish Manicure because it does not wear off in a matter of days with their chaotic and aggravating chores like washing dishes, clothes, cleaning, scrubbing, chopping vegetables, or as easy as reaching in their bag for the phone.

It adds the perfect amount of glitz and glamour to your outfit and character. With nails done right, one needs no other accessories on hand, and it adds so much to your confidence, as much as a good hair day. Do you get it now? Technically, Gelish Manicure promises you a shiny, chip-free paint job lasting for more than two weeks.

What are gelish manicures?

In short and simple terms, gelish manicure is a routine where gel-based polish and locks that tint using a UV or LED light, making it more durable than ordinary nail tint. It perfectly works for all, whether your nails are super short or as long as Cardi B's.

Now, if you are asking yourself, is gelish manicure worth it? Let us tell you, women who have taken this regime once have come back impressed. Hence, we believe that it is perfect if not for day-to-day living; it is a must for occasions like a wedding, cocktail parties, vacations with family and friends, and new year parties. Moreover, gelish manicurists offer theme-based tint, so no matter what the occasion is, there are set of colors always fit for the event.

How do you distinguish between acrylic nail color and gelish manicure?

There lies a significant difference between acrylic nail color and gelish manicure. In contrast, acrylic nail colors are made by dipping powder in a solvent. The objective is to make the nail look longer and the topmost layer more vital and usually come in natural tones. Meanwhile, gel manicures come in different vibrant nail colors and are dried under a UV or LED light, which is the primary reason they last longer than acrylic nail color. 

However, every boon carries an inherent bane. One has to be cautious about this routine because when going for a gelish manicure, making certain mistakes can cost you more. Despite being beautiful and long-lasting, this manicure can sometimes be tough on nails and even cause nail brittleness, cracking, and peeling; however, continuous use can upsurge the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging. Therefore, it is advisable to not opt for gelish manicures too frequently and use anti UV skincare products before your gelish manicure routine so that it does not harm your hands.

In addition to that, we have compiled a series of tips recommended by dermatologists to keep your nails healthy before, during, and after gel manicure:

(1) Proactively ask your manicurist whether tools are properly cleaned and sterilized through disinfectants after every usage. Also, make sure that your manicurist pushes or cuts your cuticle, leading to infection and inflammation.

(2) Use traditional nail polish instead of gel polish if you are prone to nail problems or resistance to acetone required to remove gel polish.

(3) Don't forget to apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant SPF 30 or higher sunscreen to prevent the risks of premature skin aging and skin cancer. It will also be helpful for your skin to get saved from ultraviolet radiation used to intact gel nail polish to nails. Moreover, you can put on dark-colored gloves with fingertips snipped off before applying nail polish.

(4) If the color begins to come off, don't try to remove the polish by using other nails or tools. Instead, visit your manicurist to have the polish removed.

(5) After removing nail polish, only soak your fingertips in acetone instead of your whole hands or fingers. You can also use cotton balls to remove the polish by soaking them in acetone and applying them to your nails. This will save your nails from coming in contact with acetone.

Tips for caring for your nails in between gel manicures:

(i) Don't wear the nail polish for longer than two weeks.

(ii) Application of a moisturizing product will minimize brittleness and prevent nail chipping.

Always prefer a professional for a gelish manicure. Selecting home beauty services is favorable for gel manicures. Consider getting this treatment for special occasions only, and if you notice any unusual changes or have a persistent nail problem, consult a board-certified dermatologist immediately. As long as you keep these few tips in your mind, you can enjoy the fun, pop, and glitter that comes with a gelish manicure without worrying about the ticking time bomb vanishing sooner than you wish.

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  • Adara

    24 Mar 2022

    Thank you for sharing these valuable tips. It is beneficial for me before getting a gelish manicure next time.

  • Zubaida

    27 Jan 2022

    Gelish manicure is very useful for nails. I personally do it for my nails to look it stylish.

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    27 May 2021

    Gelish manicure is one of my favorite beauty routine.

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    29 Apr 2021

    Gelish manicure is very effective.

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