14 Jan 2021


Going For Gelish Manicure? Making These Mistakes Can Cost You More

  Mac       14 Jan 2021    

Going For Gelish Manicure? Making These Mistakes Can Cost You More

Want to secure the beautiful nail art on your well-shaped nails for weeks? Sound impossible! Not at all, a gelish manicure can lock the nail polish longer than the regular one. Many are already in love with this new technique and you would love it too after knowing its benefits. Itís quick, clean, lasts longer, and affordable as home beauty services Dubai offers the best price in the industry.

Before you book the session, we want to ensure that you get the most of it. Therefore, we have come up with important information about this new gelish mani. Readout below:-

Whatís Unique About Gelish Manicure?

Gelish or gel polish manicure is unique because unlike other manicure practices, UV or LED light is used in the process. This ensures that the gel application remains longer. How long? Donít get surprised, if we say that your favorite nail polish wonít get ruined for a month. Yes, a gel manicure can trap the colors onto nails for four weeks provided you take care of them.

And if you do then it can prevent the chipping of nails as well that otherwise happens within days.

But one-time gelish manicure is not enough to maintain glossy long nails plus you can easily make mistakes that undo all the benefits of manicure. We have listed all those mistakes you should avoid.

4 Mistakes To Avoid For Better Nails:-

Avoid Frequent Manicure

Although gel polish manicure can give you an unforgettable experience, itís not worth doing again and again. It is because the LED lights used during the process can damage your nails and can even cause skin cancer.

Donít worry one or two sessions wonít hamper your nailís health but if you get addicted to it then it could severely ruin their health. So, avoid frequent sessions and let your nails rehydrate and recover on their own. ∑        

Limit Your Hot Bath Time

The biggest disadvantage of gelish manicure is that you cannot enjoy hot baths but itís worth sacrificing if you have to attend back-to-back events. After all, nails are the highlights and enhance your overall appearance. So, either completely avoid taking hot showers or wear rubber gloves during the bath. Follow the same advice during dishwashing. ∑        

Donít Peel Off

Falling nail paint is annoying and looks unattractive too. Thus, many girls peel out the remaining layer. Avoid doing it with gel polish as it can damage the skin. Also, it can give ground for bacteria causing fungus and infection.

Once your nails are damaged it would be hard to repair. So, donít be tempted to peel off the falling paint instead use an acetone-wrapped cotton swab to wipe off the remaining polish completely. ∑        

Donít Go Bare Hand

This might not be advised otherwise but when it comes to gel nail polish manicure sunscreen is most because laser is used to seal the gel. A good water-resistant sunscreen can prevent the damage done by a laser.

Another option is finger snipped off rubber gloves, wear them before the beautician applies gel and protects your cuticles and skin from UV radiation.

Pamper your nails by taking home beauty services and make sure you donít commit these mistakes.

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