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19 Aug 2021


Essential Steps In A Facial And Why They Are Important

Essential Steps In A Facial And Why They Are Important

  Mac       19 Aug 2021    

We are all familiar with facials, most of us have experienced it, and it is undoubtedly, a fantastic feeling altogether. However, many questions arise when we talk about facials; are they worth it? Are they bad for your skin? What does it do to you? And so on. Well, it is natural. We usually get facials done to relax our skin and make it look shinier. Still, there are way more advantages to facials than it seems. They improve your skin's health by deep cleansing and exfoliation. It also removes the dead skin, which, in turn, makes your skin brighter, shinier, and balanced. In a city like Dubai, the pollution makes your skin look dull, and a facial is a key to give a touch-up to your skin and make it healthier. Facials also help remove dark spots and pimples because of all the steaming and peeling that takes place in the process; you do not have to worry about it. Home beauty services in Dubai are very well-versed with it and can guide you easily.  

Getting a facial about once a month sounds like too much. Still, the results it has will make you believe that how advantageous a facial can be. Given that it heals your skin and makes it look young, regular facials have long-term effects that you start noticing from the first-ever time you get it done.  

A facial usually takes up about an hour or so, in which your skin gets massaged and relaxed. The process has several steps described below with their importance; you should know why each step is so important. 

(1) Cleansing

The former step is diagnosing your skin and choosing the cosmetics accordingly, followed by cleansing. A cleansing brush is used to remove any makeup that you have already put on your skin. Sometimes, steam is also used as it helps in softening your skin and opening up the pores for an easy and good cleansing. This adds vitality to the face.   

(2) Analyzing

This is a crucial step; it involves the beautician closely analyzing the skin of your face, looking for any rough patches or breakouts. Next, they check the skin's complexion, all of this, using a small magnifying glass. This is relevant because the products that have to be used on your skin vary on how your skin is. Using the wrong products can lead to damage to your skin or the development of patches.

(3) Exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the critical features of a profound facial. If your skin has breakouts often, this step is even more critical. It is in this step, where the beautician removes the dead skin cells and gets rid of the excess oil produced by your skin. Exfoliating regularly helps in regulating a healthy glow and keeps the texture of your skin intact. The aging of our skin increases the number of dead skin cells accumulated on the surface of our skin. Exfoliation helps remove those cells, which leads to a healthy, shiny, and bright look on your face.

(4) Extraction

As the name suggests, this is the process where the beautician begins with the extraction of blackheads and pimples. By the time you reach here, your skin would have already be softened by the steam, which will make the extraction easier. It might sound like a simple process that you can do at home by yourself. Still, it is advised to get it done through a professional. They have the correct tools for extraction and extraction without any pain.

(5) Facial Massage

After all, the complex parts are over with your face; the palliative phase comes, the massage.   The beautician uses different massage movements and pressure points to help relieve the stress. As a result, the blood flow in your face muscles increases, leading to skin cell improvement, making your skin looks rich and giving a youthful glow.

(6) Face Mask

Once the massage is completed, the beautician applies a face mask made up of various elements. Your skin type again decides the elements because every skin has a different reaction to certain elements.

(7) Toners, Serums & Moisturisers

Once all the steps are completed, the beautician uses different moisturizers and serums to keep everything in place. As protection, because your skin has just been treated, exposing it to the environment directly would not be a good choice. That is why eye gel, lip balm, moisturizers are used to ensure that you get the utmost protection.  

Our skin is crucial; that is why it is so important to take care of it so much. Whether it is applying moisturizers daily or getting a facial done once in a while, all of this keeps your skin feel healthy and young in the long run. And thus, making you feel good and keeping a check on the health of your sensitive tissues. The steps mentioned here may differ provided by the provider, seeing that there are so many different skincare services in Dubai itself. For more information on deep cleansing facials in Dubai, reach out to your nearest beautician today!

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