11 Sep 2018


Brazilian Wax - What to Expect & How to Make It Less Painful

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Brazilian Wax - What to Expect & How to Make It Less Painful

Getting a first Brazilian wax is not a fun experience! Being one of the popular methods to get completely hairless, this type of waxing does come with pain. A lot many women say that its worth it and usually gets better with each session, but for many, it is actually very painful. If you are also planning to jump all in and go for a Brazilian wax session, heres what to expect.

What exactly is Brazilian Wax?
Most of us are familiar with the concept of Brazilian waxing. Also known as bare wax, it includes removal of hair from belly button to the buttocks up, down, in, out, everywhere. When you get a Brazilian wax from professionals, it can truly be a treat yourself moment. This, in fact, offers more pleasing results as when compared with other hair removal options. Some wonderful benefits of this type of waxing include

  • Skin health - This method not only removes hair but also acts as a kind of physical exfoliation removing dead cells from the skin. This means it gives an advantage of two things at one time.
  • Finer and softer hair - Another wonderful benefit of bare waxing is that the hair that grows after waxing is weaker, making it finer, softer and sparser.
  • Smoother skin - As the hair is removed from the roots after the wax, it completely exfoliates the skin giving it a smoother texture.
  • Long lasting results - Removing the hair right from the core this type of waxing is known for offering long-lasting results.
To avail these benefits it becomes extremely necessary to consider these facts while getting a Brazilian wax

  • As experts have thorough knowledge and experience of doing this type of waxing properly, quickly and efficiently, it is always advised to go for a professional Brazilian wax treatment.
  • The minimum length to have this type of wax is inch if your hair is soft. For coarser and thicker hair, it should be at least inch.
  • To make yourself confident and your professional feel comfortable, take a shower first before going for a waxing session. This will make you smell good and the whole session a truly enjoying one.

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