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28 May 2021


7 Helpful Tips To Prepare Yourself For Your First Brazilian Wax

7 Helpful Tips To Prepare Yourself For Your First Brazilian Wax

  Mac       28 May 2021    

We all love to have a flawless and soft body. The presence of unwanted hair on our bodies can sometimes ruin our look. Going for waxing or shaving unwanted hair is a personal choice. Another common waxing is Brazilian wax. This wax is used to remove the unwanted pubic hair and give a soft, smooth, and hair-free body.  

If compared, a Brazilian wax is less painful than the other regular strip waxes. The entire waxing process may take up to 10-30 minutes, depending upon your growth and tolerance power.

Do many people ask if the Brazilian wax can be done at home? But if you are trying it for the first time, it is advised to visit a professional salon. If you are shy to go to a salon and take this service, you can also choose to take home salon services in Dubai. Some best salons provide beauty services at home so you can relax at home and get your services done in your comfort zone.

There might be many questions popping in you are head if you are going for a Brazilian wax for the first time.   Here are some tips that will help you in your first experience:-  

(1) Take Warm Shower Prior Your Appointment

Taking a warm water shower before Brazilian wax is advised as it opens up the skin's pores. When the pores are open, the waxing process becomes less painful. It is also a hygienic practice to take a shower before a waxing session.

(2) Visit A Professional Salon

The pubic area is susceptible and needs to be handled with care. If you are getting a Brazilian wax done for the first time, then consider visiting a professional salon. The experts in the salons know what to apply to your skin, depending upon your skin type.  

(3) Hair Growth Should Be 1/4th inch Long

The hair growth should not be very less, and the waxer won’t be able to pick out the hair. Before going for a Brazilian wax, grow your pubic hair length up to 1/4th inch long.   

(4) Avoid Tight-Fitting Underpants

After the waxing is done, the area becomes even more sensitive. Wearing tight underpants would rub the area. You might feel itchiness or rashes around the waxed area if you wear tight clothes immediately after the wax.  

(5) Don’t Touch The Area

The skin, after waxing, becomes sensitive and is prone to catch infections. If you touch the waxed area, again and again, there is a possibility of getting an infection. Avoid touching it for at least 24 hours.  

(6) Apply Antibiotic Cream

Many people get redness or itchiness when they go for a Brazilian wax for the first time. If you observe your skin is behaving abnormally after the wax, you can apply an antibiotic cream to avoid any reaction. If it gets worse, then it is advised to see a doctor immediately.  

(7) Don’t Take An Appointment 3 Days Before Your Menstrual Cycle

Three days before your periods, the area becomes very sensitive. Taking an appointment during these days is not a good decision. You can either go for waxing a week prior to or after your menstrual cycle for the month ends.

Concluding Thoughts

Waxing might be a painful process for some people. But having smooth skin for days to come makes the pain worth it. Choose the best and professional salon to get your Brazilian wax done as it requires extra care and an expert touch.

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