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31 Jul 2021


Your Guide To A Deep Cleansing Facial

Your Guide To A Deep Cleansing Facial

  Mac       31 Jul 2021    

Sometimes after having a tough weekend, your face might look exhausted. In times like this, all you need is an excellent facial to make you feel relaxed and ease out your muscles.   

A perfect, deep cleansing facial can also help in boosting your self-esteem by making you look as beautiful as you are and which makes you feel better about yourself. Although there are many deep cleansing facial services, sometimes you might want to save your time and get it done yourself, at home. So, here are some tips you can follow for your perfect deep cleansing facial in Dubai:- 

(1) Start With Cleansing  

Begin with cleaning your face with a cleanser; a face cleanser is different from a regular face wash, and it is recommended because it rehydrates and moisturizes your face. This detoxicates your face and pulls out the impurities from within.  Double cleansing is recommended if you wear makeup.

Clean Out The Pores

Your pores are one of the subtle places where all the dirt and impurities get collected and make your face look exhausted. Cleaning out these pores is one of the key elements you should keep in mind while cleaning out your face. Clay can be useful in this process as it helps in absorbing and lifting out the bacterias and impurities. It also helps in absorbing oil and gives your face a perfect look.   

Face masks, too, can help in the process.   

Kaolin clay also helps in this because it is a deep cleanser and detoxifier. In addition, it helps in regulating oil, makes your skin more smooth, and is ideal for sensitive skin.  

Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, helps the skin by retaining moisture and helps the skin to heal. 

(3) Finishing Up   

Various serums help with the finishing up of your face cleansing facial. They help in tackling blackheads, acne, etc. It draws out impurities and smoothens your skin. These are the elements that help -   

Glycolic Acid:
It breaks down dead skin cells and helps in exfoliating the skin by bringing out the fresh cells and making your skin look fresher. 

Lactic Acid:
It retains the moisture in your skin and reduces the age spots. 

Bilberry Fruit Extract:
This is an anti-oxidant; it helps to maintain skin elasticity & suppleness. 

So, these can be followed to make your skin feel younger, fresher, and elastic. Sometimes you might be too tired to even do it yourself; there are various home salon services in Dubai for those moments. They come down to your home and help you with your deep cleansing facial to make you look fresh. Try one today!

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