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20 Mar 2018


Understand Which Treatment Is Better For Your Hair - Keratin vs Rebonding

Understand Which Treatment Is Better For Your Hair - Keratin vs Rebonding

  Customer Service       20 Mar 2018    

Women always want to have well tamed hair. Constantly trying to manage frizzes and unruly tresses becomes irritating for them. To get free from unmanageable hair, taking proper treatment from a professional salon is always a good idea. Keratin and rebonding treatments are the two procedures that provide best help in improving the texture of hair.

However, it creates great confusion when it comes to choosing between keratin treatment and rebonding. Here we have compiled a few points that will make taking this decision a bit easier.

Pros of Keratin Treatment:-

 If you get a professional keratin hair treatment it makes the hair look shiny giving it a natural-looking luster.

This helps in restoring the natural protein of the hair and usually does not have any negative after-effects.

Post this treatment is becomes easier to manage and style the hair.

Cons of Keratin Treatment:-

There are minimal chances of suffering from itches and infections.

The process is an expensive treatment and needs to be done only by professionals.

The major drawback of this treatment is that one has to spend a lot in after care.

Pros of Rebonding:-

This treatment makes your hair look smoother and sleeker.

This will help prevent hair loss that is caused by regular ironing.

It makes hair absolutely frizz free, making it more manageable & appealing.

 It is a cheap option and requires fewer touch-ups.

Cons of Rebonding:-

It actually alters the structure of hair & if done on regular basis it eventually damages the hair.

Next drawback is that if it is not done properly it forms kinks.

The decision can be totally made considering the above factors. Though both processes can show slightly different results on different people, you can choose the one according to your suitability and make your hair shine like pearls.

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  • Nazia

    13 Jan 2022

    Nice comparison between Keratin & Rebonding hair treatment.

  • Sandara

    19 Sep 2020

    Does keratin treatment damage hair?

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