09 Jun 2020


Tips to Get Benefited from Foot Reflexology Massage At Home

  Mac       09 Jun 2020    

Tips to Get Benefited from Foot Reflexology Massage At Home

Foot reflexology is a popular therapy comprising a specialized pressure point massage technique. Itís a surprisingly pleasant relaxing experience benefiting not only feet but the whole body.

Various therapists provide a home message service in Dubai so you can enjoy the treatment in comfort of your home without worrying about travelling to a salon. Also you donít need to gather yourself again and drive home... bliss! But several people feel concerned about what to expect from a home salon service and how to prepare for it. In this article we try to answer every question and help you get most form foot reflexology treatment at your home.

1. If you are getting someone into your home, itís imperative that you should feel safe and comfortable with them. Have a proper check about therapistís registration and insurance. There are various organizations providing highly-qualified therapists. You can also visit their work space / salon to get completely assured that they are correct choice. Personal recommendation is another way of building trust with your therapist, also you can also ask for testimonials of clients from the therapist.

2. Always prefer a time when you are not in a rush before or after the treatment. Take some time to relax before the therapist arrives. This is good for the consultation times as you will feel calm and ready to talk rather than distracted by your daily responsibilities.

3. Professionals of home massage service usually bring everything they would require, so you do not need to worry about preparing anything. These reflexology practitioners use a specialized recliner that requires only 5' by 3' of space. If you donít think that you have special room then discuss it with your therapist before the appointments.

4. Spare a few minutes for preparing your environment. Have phones/ door bells shut to ensure that you achieve most benefits. You can also play your favorite relaxing music and this is always welcomed by the message therapist. Have a look at the temperature of the room. If you will feel cooler try the room is comfortably warm so you do not feel chilled during the treatment.

5. Pay close attention at the therapist while discussing aftercare tips to get the most benefits from your treatment. If you have any questions when the therapist has left you can still contact them to talk through your needs.

6. If you feel unsure about your therapist then please do consider your own safety at all times. For your safety ALWAYS tell someone else the details of your therapist prior to the appointment and tell the therapist that you have done this. If you wish to have a relative or friend present in the house for your security this would be welcomed by the therapist if it helps you to feel comfortable during your home visit treatment. So relax and enjoy!

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