Know More About Foot Reflexology & It's Benefits!

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11 Dec 2019


Know More About Foot Reflexology & It's Benefits!

Know More About Foot Reflexology & It's Benefits!

  Mac       11 Dec 2019    

Mostly reflexology is considered as a variant of massage performed by implementing various levels of pressure to the hands, feet, and ears. Itís based on a philosophy that these body parts are associated to important organs and body systems. Professionals practicing this technique are referred as reflexologists, who believe that employing pressure to these parts offers several health benefits. Letís understand the benefits of reflexology and whether it's worth a try or not!         

  • Stress Reduction
    Continuous stress damages the body's natural defense system and make it venerable to several diseases and illness. Foot reflexology diminishes stress by producing deep tranquil relaxation for the body to balance itself and allows healing energy to flow.

  • Improved Circulation
    The flow of blood should be free throughout the body to carry oxygen and nutrients to every cell and remove the wastes of metabolism. Reflexology grants cardiovascular vessels conduct the flow of blood easily and naturally by reducing stress and tension. 

  • Raving Nerve Function 
    Foot reflexology trigger more than 7000 thousand nerves in the feet to encourage the clearing of neural pathways and reduce pain. 

  • Enhanced Immunity
    Reflexology prompt the lymphatic system hereby limiting the risks of infection. It also cleanse toxins and impurities to vitalize the formulation of endorphins, for improved immune system and sense of well-being. 

  • Boosted Energy
    Reflexology resuscitates energy around the body by opening and relaxing up energy pathways. 

    Reflexology can also assist in conditions:
  1. Allergies     
    - Arthritis    
    - Asthma

  2. Back Problems    
    - Blood Pressure
    - Bowel Disorders
    - Constipation
    - Eczema

  3. Frozen Shoulder    
    - Gynecological Disorders

  4.  Hay Fever  

  5. Insomnia    
    - Knee Problems
    - Multiple Sclerosis
    - Muscle Tension
    - Neck Problems
    - Hormonal Problems
    - Respiratory Problems
    - Sinusitis
    - Stress Disorders
    - Thyroid Imbalance

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