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11 Sep 2020


Keratin Hair Treatment: Is It Beneficial For Curly-Wavy Hair?

Keratin Hair Treatment: Is It Beneficial For Curly-Wavy Hair?

  Mac       11 Sep 2020    

Hair has always been a matter of esteem and jealousy. Beautiful hair is like a boon bestowed only on a few lucky people. And there are many others especially with curly hair who struggle every day while styling their hair. So, when your hair is not in good shape, undoubtedly it will make you feel less confident.

But before you start feeling hopeless about your curly, rough, dry, or frizzy hair, give a try to the revolutionary beauty treatment, the Keratin hair treatment. Keratin is the latest buzzword in the hair care industry known for the amazing smoothening effects it offers. Before knowing how this treatment can transform your hair into a silky fall, it is important to make out about what exactly is keratin.

Keratin is a natural protein present in our hair. Being an external protective and internal structural protein, Keratin protects the hair and keeps them healthy. However, excessive exposure to external factors like the sun rays, pollution or chemicals, irregular lifestyle, depletes the protein. And this depletion of Keratin is the major cause of dry, frizzy, and damaged hair.

Keratin Hair Treatment Actually Works Wonder for the Curly Hair?

Keratin hair treatment is basically a treatment for hair smoothening that involves sealing the hair cuticles with protein coating. Usually, the process takes 1-3 hours for completion depending upon the hair quality, length, fullness, and how curly your hair strands are. This process is completed in three stages:-

(1) Relaxing
The first stage of Keratin hair treatment is relaxing. In this stage, the natural way of merging of proteins is changed. This causes the hair to break down and lose the curl without causing any permanent damage to the strands.

(2) Neutralizing
Next is the process of neutralizing. It involves restoring the pH balance of the hair so as to make hair strong after going through controlled damage in a Keratin treatment.

(3) Conditioning
Lastly, the hair is conditioned by applying the right amount of best-quality conditioning product to the hair, making the curly ones more relaxed and shinier.

Are Before & After Results of Keratin Hair Treatment Same for Everyone?

This is actually not true. The before and after results of Keratin treatment varies from person to person, depending on the level of curl and the chemicals used by the stylist. You can actually work this out with your stylist by understanding the procedure before beginning the treatment. This treatment results normally lasts for 3-6 months and depends majorly on how often you are shampooing the hair. It is also recommended to use only sulfate-free shampoos to obtain the best results.

If you do not love your curls anymore, want to cut down on straightening on a regular basis, and want to have super smooth hair, none other option can prove best than taking a hair treatment from Sweet Violet Beauty Salon.

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