27 Oct 2020


How To Prepare For Your First Brazilian Waxing: 5 Easy Tips!

  Mac       27 Oct 2020    

How To Prepare For Your First Brazilian Waxing: 5 Easy Tips!

Are you tired of those traditional waxing methods and planning to get Brazilian wax? If yes!!! Then you have arrived in the right place. Getting this type of bikini wax first time can be intimidating, but believe us, there are ample advantages of waxing over shaving. Not only does it remove hair easily, but it also makes the growth of public hair slow.

However, before going for your first Brazilian wax, you need to prepare yourself. Seeking what things to do or not before your first waxing treatment? Keep reading as here you will go through some of the best tips that will help you get best waxing experience.

Take Services from a Reputable Salon:
It is crucial to select a trustworthy and reliable salon, preferably one that is recommended by your friends or close ones. The waxer should have a good experience and maintain proper hygiene. Donít forget how soft the body part is, and you canít take any risk. If you donít want to visit salon and looking for home services? Getting home beauty services in Dubai offered by a Sweet Violet Spa will be a cool choice for you.

Exfoliate and Take a Warm Bath Before an Appointment Day:
Exfoliation plays a vital role in keeping your skin soft and supple as well as warm bath allows your hair to remove quickly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to exfoliate your skin before an appointment day as this removes dead skin cells. You can use gently scrub, dry brushing, or acne cleanser to exfoliate your skin.

Skip Lotions and Moisturizers:
Moisturizers and lotions can work as a wall between the wax and your hair, making it difficult for the wax to stick on your hair. Thatís why we suggest you skip lotions and moisturizers on your appointment day. However, you can apply cream before the night of your waxing session.

Dress Breezy:
Your skin may become a little aching and sensitive for the first 30 minutes to an hour after your wax. That is the reason you should avoid wearing skinny jeans and let your skin breathe by wearing loose clothing like loose sweatpants, palazzo pants, or loose pants.

Plan According To Your Period:
Your skin can be more sore and delicate when you are on your period, so try to skip wax during your cycle. If you get waxing during your period, donít forget to tell this to the waxer before your appointment or get home waxing services.

So, take pre-wax measures properly, stay calm and confident during your waxing session, and donít forget to take after-wax measures. This will definitely help you get a good waxing experience and significant results.

Consult our specialists for more tips!

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