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24 Apr 2020


How Often Should You Get A Gel Manicure?

How Often Should You Get A Gel Manicure?

  Mac       24 Apr 2020    

A gel manicure is a tempting way to pamper your hands and keep them well-done for a longer duration of time. Due to its multiple benefits like long-lasting property, perfect shine and smoothest textures, gelish manicures have become prominent among customers of any home salon services in Dubai. The gel manicure is initiated in a similar way as a normal one with cutting the nails, cleaning the cuticles, filing the nail surfaces to make them smooth, etc. However, the difference arises when the nail paint application starts. In gelish manicures, you will first get a base coat that primes your nails; this special polish dries under UV radiations, so after each coat, you have to expose your nails to the UV rays, for around 30 sec. Most of the home beauty services in Dubai will offer you artificial UV lamps for this purpose. Then, there is a final coat on the top to get it finalized. A gelish manicure is done in that way.

Consecutive gelish manicures

As attractive as the manicure, you are bound to fall for the trap of getting back-to-back manicures and gel ones due to their shine and durability. However, it is necessary to provide your nails enough duration to revive their own hydration and strength by taking breaks between the manicures. Also, you should get your manicure removed on time before even thinking of getting a new one. This is for the following reasons:-

1. The UV radiations that play a major role in gelish manicure promote aging of your hands’ skin and also are harmful to the nails.

2. The gel manicure needs to be taken care of by regular application of cuticle oils etc. for the proper hydration of the nail surface.

3. Removal of the nail polish is comparatively slightly different in this case. Hence, it is advised to get it done by professionals like Sweet Violet Beauty Salon.

How much time before taking off the manicure?

Gel manicures last for as long as two to three weeks which entices customers to keep on their gel nail polishes for a longer duration and hence, they tend to avoid getting manicures done often. Experts suggest it is not very healthy to keep your gel manicure intact on nails for more than two weeks. You should get it removed immediately after a limited time. Following are the reasons:-

1. The bubbles start to form underneath the base coat which gives space for the development of fungi and bacteria which can harm your nails.

2. Long durations of polished nails prohibit the space for the nails to breathe naturally and hence, they tend to damage and harden faster.

Hence, gel manicure is definitely a good solution to your normal manicure ripping off every 5-7 days, however, it is always a good idea to let your nail's natural supplements rejuvenate on themselves along with essential oils or shea butter massages. Home massages in Dubai for hands are a good idea along with the gelish manicures and also help to extend their life.

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