15 Feb 2020


What Not To Do After Your Keratin Treatment?

  Mac       15 Feb 2020    

What Not To Do After Your Keratin Treatment?

Getting hair treatment is common nowadays and more people have started learning about the benefits of Keratin. There's a common misconception that Keratin is anomalous substance. It has several benefits to offer but only when used with proper care.

The treatment for high quality keratin is not cheap and if you wish to make it last longer then don't do these things to get the most out of your treatment. Generally a keratin treatment lasts for about 12 weeks and afterwards the person should get a new session. It makes your hair most manageable but doesn't change the hair permanently. Those having curly hair will lose the curls for a while, but hair will come back to its original form after some time. The application of treatment a couple of times will have a permanent effect. However it would take some time to see the results.

1. Don't Wash Hair Immediately
Itís advisable to wait for at least 3 days to wash the hair after the product is applied. Don't go for immediate washing and wait for at least 8 hours after that you can wash your hair or better if you wait 3 days. The reason is water and keratin donít go well and product must be given time to settle in the hair. Also chlorine and salt water are particularly bad for keratin. Continuous washing of hair will lead to scalp dryness and hair loss.

2. Don't Bound Them
After the treatment, avoid braids or hair clips and don't put your hair on a pony tail.  During first 3 days, the hair is in vulnerable situation and takes the shape whatever you give to them and will continue stay like that. One must be careful while combing the hair and use flat iron to straighten.

3. Don't Use Cotton
Avoid using a cotton case covered pillow as it will create a friction when you fall sleep and it could be highly damaging. Just change the pillowcase to soft material like silk.

4. Don't Use More Products
People having curly hair must keep the hair hydrated to avoid getting it frizzy. You can go for special cream, mousse, and sprays to control the frizz. Adding more will not be effective to prevent the frizz and make the keratin less effective.  

If you want to get the most from your Keratin treatment, have some necessary precautions. Moreover, their alternative methods if you don't want to spend more money on these costly treatments at the salon you also choose other treatments at a cheaper price!

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