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10 May 2017




  The Spa Spy       10 May 2017    

A great skincare routine is essential if you want to make sure that your skin is healthy and protected from free radicals. Whilst the range of skincare products we stock at Woman can slow down the aging process, diet and nutrition also plays its part in ensuring your skin looks more radiant and fresh. Ideally, you should always strive to introduce foods that are beneficial for your skin into your diet and maintain an appropriate skincare routine in the mornings and evenings. If you think it’s time to change something about the food you consume, take a look at the following list. These are all foods that can help you feel better, stay healthy and make your skin look amazing. When we talk about Spa, we talk about a life style, about an exquisite state of mind, a pleasant experience. Today the Spa is part of our contemporary culture. The Spa gives the modern man a chance to search for that inner peace and balance. Thus, he will be ready for another day.   Those who understand that a Spa is more than a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi o, they also understand that here, at the Spa, you take your time. It is a time to look inside yourself, to learn more about you, to relax and escape the rush of everyday life, to offer yourself the gift of wellbeing. We are very well aware that well-being is not only about a healthy body.   Well-being is also about how we feel, we think, we see ourselves and the others, we understand life. Our guests not only receive treatments and our entire care, but they also live a renewing experience. They travel in a magic place where they will be treated by our skilled spa professionals in the company of exquisite scents, soothing music and warm colors. Once they return, they will be fresh, relaxed, peaceful and serene. And they will certainly want more such nourishing experience for body, mind and soul.   When you feel stressed, when your problems never seem to end, when are always on the run, when you lost contact with your inner self or when you simply want to escape your daily routine, you can always come to the spa. Here you will find a sanctuary of tranquility where you can spend your time in peace and quiet, regain your strengths and live that renewing experience!   We all dream of being beautiful, one way or another. But what is beauty? Does the beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder? Is there a standard for beauty? Let this dispute for the aesthetes or philosophers. It might be difficult or impossible to define beauty, but we all recognize it when we see it. It is like a personal “hallo”, a radiant skin, a curling of the hair, a sparkle in the eyes, a graceful movement of the body. Some are lucky due to their good genetic inheritance: beautiful features and a perfect metabolism. But others worked hard their entire life to be beautiful and took great care of their body.   Being beautiful may be achieved if taking care of your body and mind becomes the project of your life.Because beauty is not all about vanity. Beauty also means health. Beauty means energy. Beauty is the capacity to achieve your own psychical and intellectual potential. Being more than a gift, beauty is our own achievement; it is our way of life.
Even if the genes did not favor us, it is in our power to improve what we are and slow down our biological clock.
Being beautiful is up to you!

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