Self-Care for the Long Haul: Break Away From the Same Old Routines

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06 Mar 2019


Self-Care for the Long Haul: Break Away From the Same Old Routines

Self-Care for the Long Haul: Break Away From the Same Old Routines

        06 Mar 2019    

Almost all women are extra conscious of their beauty regimen. Many of them are even overtly vigilant when it comes to following them. But it isn’t a gross overstatement to say that most of us are stuck to the same old routines when it comes to self-care. We do them for the bare minimum, to look presentable for the day. This is a question to all women, especially working: how many of you dedicate time and effort towards yourself to preserve your beauty and youth for the long run?

Ever wonder why our grandmas and great-grandmas had skin to die for? They never spent tons of money each year on beauty services at home in Dubai, well then whatever could be their secret? Well, it is no secret. The environmental factors even decades ago were skin-favorable enough, added to the fact that they made their own salons in their own kitchens; they fashioned their own beauty packs through ingredients found in very nature. Now, obviously you do not have control over environmental factors such as dust, pollution, unclean water, etc. we also do not ask you to concoct heavy potions and what not, like grandma did. What you can do, though, is follow their pattern; create and customize your own beauty regimen.

The tougher conditions today call for an optimum mix of skincare solutions that augment the healthy rejuvenation of skin cells. The key is to mix and match, to introduce yourself to a variety of options to feel pampered. Indulgence in itself creates a feeling of rejuvenation, which is the key to ensure longevity of your skin.

Gelish manicures work magic for housewives, who have to constantly work with their hands to maintain their homes. But when it comes to detoxing, they require a perfect session of rejuvenating home massages too to combat all the stress that comes with household responsibilities. Home massage in Dubai include a variety of options such as Moroccan bath services in Dubai, or traditional massages such Thai, Shiatsu, Swedish etc. Either you can alternate between the two options, or go for both together, whichever fits you best.

Create a plan for yourself, one that fits your schedule and caters to you specifically.  One of the best ways to do this is to first identify what is it that your body needs to feel pampered. If you are a working woman, hiring beauty services at home in Dubai is the obvious choice. If the work is a field job, you may need an optimum combination of pedicures and body scrubs to do away with the everyday grime, coupled with massage options twice every month to de-stress your skin. The same combination works for desk workers too, although pedicure and body scrub does not have to be that frequent.

The key is to surprise yourself. When you indulge yourself in myriad ways, you will find yourself come out with a refreshed feeling that stays with you for a long time. Your body is your biggest asset, and deserves the best kind of pampering there is.

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