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Everything You Got To Know About Getting Gelish Manicures

  Mac       20 Jan 2022    

Everything You Got To Know About Getting Gelish Manicures

Painting nails have become more of a medium to express oneself than just a fashion statement. It has lately become more gender-inclusive than being feminine exclusive. Therefore, whether you want to go gothic, chic, classic, or glam, painting your nails right is your topmost priority. However, it tirelessly worries one how easily the color chips away. Just doing the mundane daily instrumental chores attacks the longevity of your manicured nails. Well, you need not worry about that one. Gelish Manicures have made quite the rave in the beauty and lifestyle market for tackling this fix, and in this blog, we will tell you how. 

Everything you got to know about getting gelish manicures

Women juggling with office work and household chores are the ones who swear by gelish manicures the most. The reason is that it is quick and as durable as car paint. Yes, you read that right. According to Home Salon Services in Dubai, women love Gelish Manicure because it does not wear off in a matter of days with their chaotic and aggravating chores like washing dishes, clothes, cleaning, scrubbing or as easy as reaching in their bag for the phone. Gelish Manicure promises a shiny chip-free paint job lasting for more than two weeks. 

What is the process of a gel manicure routine?

The routine starts with your nails being cut, lightly soaking the hands and trimming the cuticles, followed by a thorough cleaning. The polishing part is unique. You start with a base coat layer that primes or braces up your nails for the gel. It is a special kind of polish, and it sets under UV light than being air-dried. After each coat is painted, your hand is placed under the UV light for 30 seconds. Lastly, a glossy top coat is applied, set under UV light. 

Irrespective of your nail length, long, short, or if you just want to get the tips glued on first, gel manicures leave your nails feeling stronger, look shinier, and the effect lasting long. 

How long do gel manicures last? 

Usually, a gel manicure can last up to two to three weeks. However, treating your hands post the gelish manicure routine will determine longevity. According to dermatologists, it is okay if the gel is not chipping away for over two weeks. However, one should take a break or leave ample days between the manicure routines for the nail to stay healthy and strong. 

How much do gel manicures cost? 

Generally, one routine of gel manicure costs around USD5 to USD10 more than a regular manicure. Some salons also charge extra for removing the polish manicure since it is a process in itself. On the other hand, some may do it for free with your next manicure, costing up to USD20. 

How to remove a gel manicure?

Your patience and persistence are needed. 

Taking off a gel manicure needs ample time and no picking. So whether you wish to get the gel taken off at a salon or DIY at home, here is how you can remove the gel manicure:

First, cover all your nails with a cotton ball soaked in acetone. Then wrap some aluminum foil around each finger to hold the cotton in place. Let it settle for at least ten to fifteen minutes. The polish will slide off the nails without any need for filing or scraping. A wooden stick can be used gently for stubborn paint patches to ease it off. 

Do gel manicures damage nails?

One of the biggest myths regarding gel manicure is that it damages nails. It turns out that the way you remove the gel polish can damage your nails. Often, people in a hurry file or buff the nailbed to get the gel off, which often leads to cracks and rough nail texture. People do this excessively because they follow gels with more gels or polish.

Even when you DIY at home, you must never peel or pick the polish off. It does not only damage your nails then but can affect all your future manicures. Peeling off or picking the gel peels the layers of the nail, which makes it harder for future manicures and the application of the gel. 

You can apply cuticle oils between appointments to keep the area hydrated and healthy. This protects both your nailbed as well as the skin around your nails. 

Is UV light used in the gel manicure routine harmful? 

The gel manicure routine bears criticism majorly because of the application of UV light in the process. Putting your hands under the UV light repeatedly can cause premature aging and aggravates the risk of skin cancer. However, it turns out that this is, in fact, truthful in nature. The UV light used in the gel manicure procedure is stronger than the UV light you may receive when exposed to the sun. Therefore, before your gel manicure appointment, you must apply an effective sunscreen or sunblock to your hands.

Therefore, if done right and more importantly by right hands, you can flaunt your nails all dolled up with gel manicures for days together.

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