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14 Oct 2019


Essentials You Must Know About Moroccan Bath Treatment

Essentials You Must Know About Moroccan Bath Treatment

  Mac       14 Oct 2019    

Have you ever visited a place where you walked pass the door then suddenly realize what to do next?  In my case when I first visited a local hammam in Morocco. There was a series of doubts roaming inside my mind- What should I wear? What did a hammam treatment entail? Do I need towel or scrubby or soap?

But let me accept that overall it was ďrealĒ just relaxing & refreshing experience which helped me to avoid some stress.  Letís now discuss what actually a hammam is? And how this Moroccan bath treatment is distinct from others?

What Is Hammam?

Hammam is a bath house where you can expect to be steamed, soaked, scrubbed, and come out sparkly clean. However Moroccans treat hammam bath like a social event.

However if you visit a local hammam in Morocco, get to see men chat as they bathe, sometimes offer to wash each otherís backs. But if you want to get in this back-scrubbing exchange, learn to speak some Arabic first.  Women prefer to take kids with them, kids will play while they can relax or sometimes wash otherís hair in a convivial feel.

Itís crucial to remember that generally, there are 2 type of hammamís present in Morocco: local hammam and tourist hammam. Iíll personally advise you to prefer a tourist hammam for more comfortable feelings and experience pivotal part of Moroccan culture.

How things will happen in a Moroccan Bath

Step 1:
Getting Undressed?

Itís totally a personal choice, generally women wear bikini bottoms or underwear. Whereas men choose bottoms or underwear, once undressed, put on your robe and go to meet your hammam attendant.  

Step 2:
Time for steam

Next attendant will take your robe and usher you into a steam room where you just need to sit back and relax to let steam open your skin pores.  

Step 3:
Soap up

After five minutes attendant will ask you to stand up, sit down, and turn around to soap up your legs, feet, back, and face. You can rub applied soap gently into your skin and sit back to relax for another five minutes.  

Step 4:
Hot rinse

Now attendant will come back with a bucket full of water and scoop the water out to rinse off your soap, as you'll realize this water is shockingly hot ó but you'll never get burned.  

Step 5:
Rough Scrub

The attendant will scrape away your outer layer of dead skin through rough sandpapery hammam glove. This process can be pretty rough but donít be shy to tell for taking it easy!  

Step 6:
Hair wash

Some of luxurious Moroccan hammams include a hair wash in their treatment. Just lie back and feel experience of someone else washing your hair gently.  

Step 7:
Relax with tea

After all buffing and scrubbing put your robe back and go to relaxation area where youíll have a cup of Moroccan tea to relax.

Get ready to experience spa like treatment with best provider of beauty services at home through our experienced professionals to let you stimulate, energizes and get your skin refreshed.

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